TechSpark is dedicated to offering the best effective and reliable IT solutions by combining our passion for technology with a knack for business innovation. We offer purely high quality first class IT consulting services to various clients locally and internationally. Our thirst for helping our clients to adopt best in class solutions that result to operational excellence is our inspiration. We have been serving you for over five years now. We understand technology and other vital factors for the success of your business. TechSpark’s team of highly skilled professionals will help you find long-term IT solutions that work effectively your business ultimately resulting in smoother operation and behind the scenes technology that just works.

Specifically, we offer solutions that tackle some of the following parts of IT:

big data

With the emergence and extreme popularity of social media, it can be extremely difficult for businesses to extract and analyze necessary big data for beneficial use. Our highly trained IT professionals are well versed in adequate applications providing valuable big data analytics Internet of Things 22to determine business and market trends that can offer profitable solutions. TechSpark builds information platforms that help business across the world to take advantage of digital information. The use of big data has become one of the most vital key factors for leading businesses to outcompete their peers. Below are some of the reasons why you need big data:

  • It helps to develop new and better growth opportunities for businesses.
  • It drives efficiency as well as quality in services.
  • It ensures faster and better decision making.
  • It helps to create new products as well as services for their customers.


cloud computing

In the past, cloud computing has generated much hype and interest. There is purely no doubt that cloud computing has become a special interest for a number of business. We understand that cloud computing has a number of challenges and cloudrequires a highly skilled professionals for efficiency. TechSpark has a team of highly qualified and certified cloud computing professionals who utilize the various groups of remote servers and software networks to upload different types of data sources for real time processing. Experience a whole new level of cloud computing by contacting our certified cloud computing professionals.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

We offer code optimization extracts, report development, deployment and business intelligence tools that fit your environment and address all your individual needs. TechSpark also develops reliable procedures, integrations,business transformations and queries to access and transform data into profitable returns for your business. If there is anything you value most at your business is your data. TechSpark has a highly dedicated team that specializes in helping our clients to convert their data into important and meaningful information that helps to support critical decisions needed for business success. Our team will work closely with you to improve your data and minimize risks.

extract transform load

Extract Transform Load technology has been widely adopted to prepare data for warehouses, business, intelligence, applications and reporting tools. TechSpark uses and advanced ETL framework to increase the chances of our clients Basic RGBconnecting. We also use the best ETL tools that possess the ability communicate with several relational database as well as reading a number of file formats that every business uses. TechSpark experts can take an ETL developer tool and utilize it for a specific business purpose by extracting the necessary data for use in other projects or solutions.

We use a wide range of ETL tools such as Informatica, which delivers business data integration. It also delivers data management software that powers analytics for cloud and big data. We also use Microsoft SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) a leading enterprise data integration tool. The Microsoft SSIS is used for a number of tasks related to data integration. Some of the tasks include analyzing data, cleansing data and ETL.