TechSpark is a leading IT consulting firm and solution provided based in Parsippany, New Jersey. We have a wide range of innovative professionals who serve clients from across the globe in a number of specialties including eCommerce, insurance, finance, mobile applications, and healthcare among many others. We are not just any other IT consulting firm. We have love and passion for our clients. It is this passion that drives us to offering the first class and efficient services to our clients. TechSpark believes no industry is off limits. We take advantage of our flexible and creative team to enhance our expertise to meet every single need of our clients. We use a wide range of technology to constantly offer support for widgets, apps, and websites among others.

We aim at establishing a strong long-term relationship with our clients. This is why we offer personalized services that aim at understanding the needs and priorities of our clients. Our high understanding of technology has helped us to find effective long-term solutions that benefit our clients and us. We listen first, understand your needs, identify obstacles and find perfect solutions to permanently eliminate the obstacles. As a fast paced company, we continue to strive to provide solutions to all your IT needs as well as keeping you ahead in a constantly evolving world.